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Interior advice

Are you looking for a new sofa but you don’t know which colour or material fits best? Do you want to know how you create your own cabinet with the New Order shelving system? Or are you in doubt to choose a new design lamp? You need some help! We offer (free) interior advice in our store to help you creating a better place at home.

Appointment Amsterdam

Schedule an (free) appointment in our store in Amsterdam. Our advisors will help you choosing the best option.

What do we offer?

We offer interior advice for:

  • Furniture; a new sofa, diner table or chairs.
  • Lighting; what fits best in your living room.
  • New Order Shelving System; create your own cabinet with this modular system.

A session takes one hour and we are available from Monday till Sunday between opening hours.

Shop by appointment

It is possible to shop on appointment in our stores. You can make an appointment on our website. You have the option to book a shopping session for one hour. That way, we’ll have enough time to advise you about the furniture or fabrics.

Are all time slots booked? Call the store to see if there are any cancellations and spots have become available for a store visit.

Book a free appointment via the calendar below: